why do some mexican americans have accents but they can't speak spanish?

I’m Hispanic and white so don’t think I’m being racist. I just don’t get how some Latin American people talk with a heavy accent and they don’t even speak Spanish. Is this some kind of trend? I know plenty of people like this. I don’t know maybe I don’t do this because my dad is not Mexican he is from Guatemala and I guess the way they sound is different i.e. like USA English to United Kingdom English


  1. Yeah, well, I speak English, but I’m not from England. Do you see my point?
    Everybody who speaks any language speaks it with some kind of local accent. Your own accent won’t sound like an accent to people who have the same accent, but it will sound a bit strange to everyone else.

    If people have grown up (especially their first decade or so of life) hearing English spoken with a Spanish accent, or a Chinese accent, or an Irish accent, or a southern (U.S.) accent, they will tend to speak that way too. This will be true even if they don’t happen to also speak Spanish or Chinese or Gaelic.

    I speak both English and Spanish with a bit of a Texan accent, for example.

    Gary C
  2. i am from iraq but my first language was english. i speak with a accent. it is because the child probably adapts and learns from their parents means of communication. i made this sentance very sophisticated to make myself sound smarter lol and yo vita i just said that except in a sophisticated way

  3. They just pick up on the way their parents and other family members speak.

    Even if they don’t speak spanish.

    Just like how if you’re parents are british, you are most likely to have a britist accent.

  4. i don’t understand this either, seeing as how sometimes i have an accent even though i grew up speaking english. i do know spanish but it’s not like i had to transition over to english. i would say it just depends on the social setting you associate with. the more time i spend with those who do speak english as a second language, i’ll notice i speak with a slight accent too.

    esteffanie c
  5. Well, if these kids grow up with a parent with a heavy accent they’re going to develop one themselves even if they never learn Spanish. I’ve seen this happen with Chinese-American, Italian-American and French-American families, not just Mexican-Americans.

    It’s not uncommon for second-generation immigrants to have accents but be monolingual in English.


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