Why do White Americans stare at me when i speak Spanish to my friends?

One guy that i worked with heard me speakin spanish and he was shocked. Also at the gym i had people stare at me when i was speaking spanish. Why are Americans shocked when a white Latino speaks spanish?


  1. Because most Americans associate the Spanish language with Amer-Indian people, I know it’s a European language, but It’s still shocking to some people to hear someone other than a Indian looking South or Central American speak Spanish. I know when I was a kid and I heard Dominican baseball players or a white Costa Rican I went to school with speaking Spanish, it was crazy to me.

    J W
  2. They usually think of spanish speakers as dark or mestizo kind. And I see your from Argentina. And they probably don’t know that Argentina is a majority white spanish speaking country. In matter fact Argentina is more white than the US.

  3. because they are so used to colored hispanics(mixed ones) speaking spanish and it shocked them to see you were a white guy who speaks spanish. They probably assumed you were just some oridinary white american guy until you spoke spanish lol their first reaction was ”wtf this white guy can speak spanish ? did he learn it or is he just a white hispanic ?” so you keep them puzzled which is why they stare

    A racist Man
  4. Yeah, I agree, it is rude to do that in the company of non Spanish speakers, because it implies that you are talking about them because they can’t understand you.

  5. I wouldn’t stare. I’d eavesdrop then attempt to join the conversation. My speaking is not that good but I can understand and read it far better.

    Some of us white people like spanish a lot! I’m going to keep learning more and more. It’s so useful nowadays when job hunting or travelling.

  6. Many(NOT all) Americans assume "all" Latinos are "brown","mixed race","brown","Mexican",. If I heard you speak Spanish I would not rudely stare,since I have an education and I’m very aware that Latino is an ethnicity,not a race and Latin America’s racial population is very diverse and I know that Spanish people are racially White.

    Attilio Brandi
  7. In most other countries, it’s the norm to speak more than 1 language. Only Americans choose to speak English, so they are not used to it.

    People from Argentina are mostly Italians. Uruguay is whiter, as in French, etc. Brazilians are mostly African.

    Latin America is not a one stop shop. Everyone stopped by, had fun, and reproduced!

    America hand-picked its immigrants by ‘need’ and made them abandoned their heritage. So sad!

    Why do Americans only speak English?

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