why does everyone think that all mexicans speak spanish. spanish is custilian spoken in spain and in mexico?

city because of the time of the spanish conquistadors. in mexico city you will find mexicans with blond hair and blue eyes that can pass for 100% white people. the border town mexicans have their own dialects due to the fact that they have mexican indian backgrounds. a mexican american born in texas speaks tex-mex. another dialect derived from the mexican indian language


  1. And many many Mexicans still speak indigenous languages like Nahuatl (nearly 1.5 million speakers) and Tarahumara. In fact, many indigenous languages have official status under Mexico’s constitution.

    Dialectical differences, on the other hand, are rather trivial and you could excuse someone for not knowing how the country is divided into different Spanish dialects… I’m sure you know very little about the dialectical breakdown of England and Wales, or the dialectical breakdown of India’s Bihar state.

  2. There is only one standard "Spanish" per country. Each country has its own dialect, which is what is taught by the official schools within each country. In Mexico, they say ‘tu’. In Central America, they say ‘vos’, for example. Slang, such as ‘Spanglish’, or ‘Tex-Mex’, or what have you are not even dialects, they are a corruption of the standard language. In order for something to be termed a dialect, there has to be a body of formal literature behind it, as well as published rules governing sentence structure and conjugation. Oh, by the way, other languages spoken in Mexico are Dutch (Mennonites), Venetian (an old dialect of Italian) and Lebanese Arabic.

  3. The explain to me why people from the United States speak "English" when it should be "united statsian?"

    English originated in ENGLAND, what’s the difference?

    Castilian (not custilian) is the oficial name for the Spanish language, originating from the REINO DE CASTILLA, or Castile kingdom.

    Mexicans, just like peruvians, costa ricans, colombians, etc speak Castilian or Spanish. The only thing is that each country has adopted their own dialect and slang, just like the United States, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, England, etc. Doesn’t mean its not english, just like it doesn’t mean that Mexicans don’t speak spanish

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