Why does it bother Americans that many people speak Spanish in their homes?

I know of so many bi-lingual Latin/Hispanic folks in Cleveland. They speak with their older immigrant relatives who knew Spanish as their birth language. The older ones know English as a second language.


  1. Come to Florida and you will understand! Can’t even pay a bill without the language options…seems they should learn our language…then they could read our laws and realize they should not be here illegally.

    Scooter McAsscrackin
  2. One reason is that it is often an indication that the people do not want to assimilate into our country. I do not care what language they speak at home but our culture is geared to the American language and it is to their advantage to be versed in that language. I say American because it is no longer "English" either.

  3. This is just another example of people thinking that we hate all immigrants or anyone else who speaks a foreign tongue.

    I have no objection for anyone to speak whatever language they want in their home. Spanish, French, Russian, Farsi, even Pig Latin if they so desire. But in public they should know English. If you go to France, for example, it might be a good idea to know French to get by out in public.

  4. I’m a spanish speaking American. I believe that most people do not care what I speak in my home. The issue is when you are made to feel like an outsider in your own country because they don’t speak any English to you, that’s the problem.

    M. Rod
  5. Because many people are closet racists. Why should anyone care what language others speak in their home or in public? Or perhaps some are just upset they don’t understand what’s being said.

    I live in a culturally diverse area. At any given time you can hear Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese being spoken. I’ve never had a problem with it. By the way, most of these same people can and do speak English, too.

  6. In the United States, the language you need to use in public is ENGLISH. UNDERSTANDABLE English.
    That shows RESPECT for this country. Insisting on YOUR birth language makes YOU the RACIST around here…

    I’m tired of " Press 1 for English ". Aren’t you?

    Journeying through Yahoo!
  7. it should bother Americans that English IS NOT the official language of their country. There is no official language therefore all languages are fair game in public…who cares what you speak at home.

    Lotus Phoenix
  8. It bothers Americans when others wave a foreign flag with so much pride from the country that had your family so oppressed they ran from it into ours. It bothers us when large groups tell us that they are going to reconquer the southwest United States. Why is that btw? So that they can jump the NEW fence on the utah border in order to be part of the USA again? Speaking spanish doesn’t bother Americans. Learn the language and love the country that you desire living in or get the fuck out.

  9. People from other countries come to America for a better life. That is a fact-whether they have a better life here or not. But, once you choose to live here, in America, you should learn to speak American/English. It only makes sense. If I were to pick up and move to Mexico, I would need to learn Spanish, because English is not spoken there! Now, speaking amongst themselves at home is different. But, in public, I think you should leave the native tongue behind and learn to speak English.

  10. Look,we are a counry in which some states still have laws telling people what consenting adults can or can not do in the privacy of their bedrooms!

    So now we can get the language police to tap our houses to make sure we aren’t doing anything at home as subversive and unamerican as speaking in a ¨furrin¨language.

    Thank God or our lucky stars that this country once had men smart enough to write free speech into our constitution as an afterthought. FREE ,you guys,get it? Free to say anything in any language .

    add. notes to mjrcox: if you were to pick up and move to Mexico you would do well to learn Spanish ,of course,but don’t kid yourself. You would never stop speaking English to anyone who could speak it to you. In your home,on the street,in the shops,anywhere. And why not? Immigrants ,tourists,visitors and multilingual Americans have the same right to speak any language they please to each other in private and in public. Only common politeness should dictate when one language should be spoken and not another.

    gabriela v
  11. In their home, no big deal.
    -When thier children hold up an entire class from reading because they cant read english, PROBLEM!
    -When the DMV is printed in every language but all the traffic signs are in english, PROBLEM!
    -When a 911 operator answers the phone because of a house fire but can’t understand the caller, PROBLEM!
    -When they want to vote in their language here in America, PROBLEM!
    -When they hit someones car and can’t explain/understand a request for insurance papers, PROBLEM!

  12. it only bothers those fearful insecure americans. there was a time when being able to speak multi languages was looked upon as a good thing. why should people be cut off from all society because they choose to communicate in their native tongue. government should use multi languages to communicate ei.(public annoucements), educate(public health) , and reach all of it population.

    luis s
  13. You must be making an assumption about this because I don’t think that it bothers Americans in the least what a person does within their own homes. I have known immigrants from countries other than Mexico & they have spoken their native language in front of me while I was in their home. Didn’t bother me a bit! I thought it sorta fun to learn some words in their languages. It was their home, not mine, they had a right to do as they wished.

  14. I really doubt there is a single American that cares what language is spoken inside a home and do wonder where you got that idea from…

    As so many others mention here, the language spoken outside the home is the problem and with very good reason for saying so…

    America has no required national language as language is a freedom of choice. However, when that choice integrates into the lives of others in a negative way then it becomes a burden…

    A classic example is of Miami, Florida. The Spanish people there have overcome the English speaking population and if a non-Spanish even so much as buys gasoline, he is feeling intimidated for the lack of caring presented by the Spanish there…that is, if he can find a service station willing to serve him…!

    I used to enjoy going to Miami and never found a problem with being amongst a few Spanish speakers even tho I don’t speak Spanish. Today, I am even afraid to visit Miami and am not alone, I assure you. These Spanish also wanted to split a piece of Florida and create a Spanish state….

    Is that what American liberty is all about…to come here and advantage our system at the expense of those that lived and died to make America a great country…?

    America took this land from the Indians because they would not make room for us. Yet, in the end we realized our mistakes and tried to make amends as best we could…

    Now America is a united country and those that would attempt to divide it for self benefit are enemies of our liberties and should be sent back to where they came from…

    I do hope that congress will soon pass the bill declaring a national language and then force non-english to keep their mouths shut in public or speak English…

    English in…non-English out…no exceptions…!

  15. I don’t care *what* language they speak in their own homes. But I sure as hell don’t think Americans should have to pay to print official documents in well over 100 languages, either.

    Why is it so wrong to expect people who CHOOSE to come here to learn English?

    Hey, Luis – bite me. I believe very firmly that *everyone* should know a 2nd language. Unfortunately, I took the wrong one….when I lived in California, I couldn’t get a decent job because I did not hable. Mais je parle….

    Why in the hell should Americans be refused a job *not* because they didn’t know a foreign language, but because they didn’t learn the "right" one? That’s just stupid.


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