why does my voicemail speak spanish? how do i change it?

my voice mail speaks spanish, i am not a spanish speaker so i dont know what it is saying, even when i try to enter my password i cant hear my messages. i am on verizon and already tried calling the support line and that did not help at all. how can i reset it?


  1. Press 1 for English….

    Just kidding – Welcome to America, we speak English.

    You need to get into the setup, dial your own number, when it answers, hit the #, it will ask for your password.

    Enter the password.
    You will now get options to change the language, the password, your greeting, etc.

  2. Usted tiene que entrar sus ajustes de voicemail y seleccionar el idioma inglés. Si usted no lo puede resolver, llamar servicio de atención al cliente y ellos podrán fijarlo para usted.

    Just joking:
    First enter your password, and then press 4 for personal options, then press 2 for adminastrative options, then press 1 for general options, then press 5 for changing the language, then press 1 to hear the prompts in english, and then press # to complete the language changing then you’ll hear it say "Language changed".


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