why does some people think that Brazilians speak Spanish?

Well, just because Brazil is located in South America and is surrounded by spanish speaking countries it doesnt mean we speak spanish!
I get sooooo angry when someone comes to me and say: "Ohhh, you are Brazilian, you speak spanish right?"


  1. I know what you mean. It reminds me of the same sort of ignorance as when people say that anybody who is from a Spanish-speaking country speaks ´´Mexican´´. So, does that mean I speak American? I guess we just have to educate people about the fact that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish.

  2. its portuguese.i guess its because brazil is next to venezuela.a lot of people think the countries are all spanish speaking.but Suriname is dutch and Guyana is the only english speaking country in south america.

    Cold Lithium
  3. The actual question would be:
    Why do some people think Brazilians speak "brazilian"?


    And the answer would be the same in both cases:

    The generic and "easy" thing is it to asume all South American countries speak Spanish. However, there are, not only Portuguese, but French, Dutch and Papiamento speaking countries in South American and the Caribbean.

    Read a book, people!

  4. no offense, but people just think south america = speak spanish. kinda like people thinking that all asians are chinese and everyone who’s hispanic is from mexico

    t-man foshizzle
  5. some people just don’t know any better and you’re right, they do think just because Brazil is in South America, Brazilians speak spanish. Some of my friends thought people from Portugual spoke Portuguese, not people from Brazil. So next time just politely tell those narrowed minded people, u speak PORTUGUESE.

  6. Well, those people think all Latin American people are Mexicans. Don’t get angry about that. Just smile and think you know more about geography facts.

    Americo G
  7. there are just some very ignorant people that don’t bother to check their facts (they’ll just say that since most south american countries speak spanish, so does brazil);

    Lisa Ann
  8. I guess it’s quite a common belief. I once got an answer reported and deleted because I said Brazilians spoke Portuguese, not Spanish and apparently I hurt somebody’s feelings.


  9. I know many Brazilians that speak Spanish in the U.S. because they work with Latinos and its easy for them to learn that language. This could be one of the reasons but I believe most of the "confused ones" think that everybody in South America speak Spanish.

    Nicollle A
  10. Ha ha don’t let it bug you so much. Just let them know you don’t speak Spanish, what you do speak, and what the main language spoken in Brazil is. Which I think is Portuguese? Just another stupid stereotype about people based on their race. All you can do is help educate them!

  11. Sorry, excuse we Americans, our study of geography is somewhat lacking. We do not do it intentionally. When we do it just smile, think, oh he/ she is an American. We really are friendly and do enjoy Brazil. Come on up and visit us.

  12. I always knew that they didn’t speak Spanish, but that is probably why most people think that. Another reason might be that they sound similar.

    Just let the people know that you don’t speak Spanish, and let them know that the language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese… They’ll probably feel stupid and apologize.

  13. People just don’t know that not everyone in Latin America speak Spanish, you shouldn’t have to be so pissed off and irritated about it.
    Em final relaxa, e deixa os pesoas saber que no Brasil pesoas falao em Portugues nao Espanol.

    La chance dans la balance
  14. Well one time I was at the store and a lady from Brazil waited on me. My dad thought she was from a nother south merican country and assumed she spoke Spanish and to my great embarrassment tried speaking Spanish to her. The lady got all impressed and started speaking Spanish back so I started speaking Spanish to her. Then she looked totally disgusted and said "I’m from Brazil. We speak Portuguese not Spanish." We had already known that but she was the one who responded to us in Spanish. Anyways whatever… I told my dad that he shouldn’t assume people speak a language. I was so mad at him.

    Laughing all the way
  15. May be as you said,Brazil is alone around the spanish speaking south America.
    May be because spanish is becoming so popular around the world.
    But don`t be angry just because of that.You could be confused too,if someone asked you something about a country,in a remote part of the Globe.I know everyone should know about Brazil,because of their soccer,samba,beautiful girls,but a lot of people don`t care.It happens.

    Starmn 8
  16. Twenty years ago the majority of Brazilians that moved outside of Brazil used to speak Spanish. Maybe with the use of the Internet and cable TV, your second language has changed to English. Since you are surrounded by Spanish speaking countries it makes sense that your second language should be Spanish. Don’t you think so?

    Why would that make you angry? You only have to answer, no.

  17. Um.. we’re not the most educated country in the world. I bet very few people under 30 could find Portugal on a map much less know that portugeuse is the language of Brasil…

    Sadly many Americans also think Mexico goes all the way down to Panama. My friend once introduced a girlfriend of his from Peru to his mom and she kept asking her what part of Mexico it was…

    I’d love to visit Brasil and see Buenos Aires.. Just kidding…

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