why dont mexican peolpe speak english after being here for over 10 to 15 years?

for me i think they are hiding something or are scared to learn english


  1. Please don’t generalize.

    There could be several reasons (and not only from Mexicans, but from any non-English speaking country) no order of preferences:

    1. They just can’t hear the difference from one word and another (happens to my gramma, no she is not deaf, she just feels almost all the English words sound the same).

    2. Laziness.

    3. They haven’t had the opportunity of studying.

    4. etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Same happens with some English speaking persons, when they move to Spanish countries…. I know a few (very good friends and persons), they have lived for over 20 years in my country, and barely can say "gracias", "por favor", "bueno".

    It’s very truth that you have to try your best to learn the language and costumes of the country you are living it, but sometimes is not as easy as we think.

  2. Can you give any concrete examples? I’ve yet to meet any Mexicans like that.

    But saying that they do exist, they would have to deep in a purely Mexican/Spanish community where they get by day to day without encountered people who speak English. The pure fact that they would be isolated from an English speaking community would mean non-Spanish speakers would almost never encounter them anyway.

    At any rate, foreigners have been coming to the US and assimilating to learning for a couple of hundred years. Even if an individual doesn’t assimilate by learning English, their children definitely will.

  3. Maybe they’re hoping that Spanish will be "the" language instead of English. If they’re going to come to our country, they also need to learn English & be bilingual.

  4. Too much immersion in their own language because of the easy availability of radio, television, publications and entire areas of major cities which resemble their home towns and home country. It is a "comfort zone," which is not a bad thing in itself. But it doesn’t lend itself to much adaptability into another culture.

  5. i will answer that question with an example, i live in a small town in mexico were alot of americans choose to retire. Many of them dont speak spanish and made little effort to learn it, or assimilate the mexican culture. Actually we dont mind their little effort to assimillate the culture, we understand that it eaiser for them to live their lives they way the choose to. The vast majority of mexicans that go to the USA do not go there to enbrace their culture or the american way of life, they are very happy the way they are, they only come to provide their families with a decent way of living. If they were able to provide their families in mexico they would not come to the USA. They really missed mexico and how they live there that they refuse tochange becuase they are happy the way they are


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