Why don't the Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans speak their original indigenous languages?

Is it because the Spanish demanded that the Native Americans speak the Spanish language? Or was the language voluntarily adopted?
I know that the Europeans "implanted" their languages, but I wasn’t sure whether or not the natives were allowed to speak their own languages. None of the history books that I have come across have mentioned anything of the sort.


  1. Originally, yes, the Spanish and Portuguese did mandate that all colonists and indigenous use the proper European language, but you will see today that use of indigenous language is increasing. In Paraguay, there are two state-recognized national languages: one being Spanish and the other the indigenous Guarani. Quechua is also becoming more and more prominent in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

  2. the Spanish and Portuguese enforced the Natives to learn their language. Those who Spoke either Spanish or Portuguese also spoke their native language, til this day

  3. Just like here in the USA, there are still NDN people who speak their language. And Just like here, the invaders didn’t like to hear us speaking in our own languages, because they were afraid we might be plotting against them.

    Roman C

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