Why is it that some people that come from Mexico dong wanna speak Spanish anymore?

I mean I came from Mexico five years ago and I still speak Spanish with my friends and family except for the ones that don’t speak spanish


  1. I saw that in Florida, but not only with mexicans, but with cubans, colombians, haitians, etc. I think they do it basically because they feel that if they live in a foreign country, you must speak the foreign language. That is how they can easily integrate with their new community. Also they "avoid" any racism that might arise if they speak spanish. There are still some americans that say "If you come to the US, you must speak English. If not, then go back to your country". So, even that I speak and understand english, everytime I travel to the US, I’m always asking "do you speak spanish" because obviously I prefer my native language. But whenever I speak spanish in the NY subway, I can see the faces of the people next to me as they watch me like an alien!. jejejeje. It’s funny!.

    opɹɐɹǝb z
  2. Because the language where they are isn’t Spanish anymore, and so it’s probably much easier to just constantly practice whatever language the people are speaking around them.

    Wisdom Illusion
  3. Because all those people who keep saying this is America SPEAK ENGLISH!, there are people out there that get offended only cause you speak Spanish close to them.

  4. hi

    i dont know my boyfriend is mexican american .. we live in germany and ive wanted to learn spanish since i was little but nobdy ever taught me .. so i asked my boyfriend if he could teach me (he sometimes speaks it ) but he wont for some reason .. he always says its too straining to listen to me when i try to say more than simple things .. so idk maybe because some dont have friends or family to speak it to????


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