Why is it that the English speak the worst English language in the world aswell as the Spanish speak the worst

Spanish Language in the World? you cant really make it out, I would say the best English spoken language is Spoken by Americans, and the best spoken language is Spoken by Mexicans, when I say best I mean it being more understandable and clearer and cleaner.


  1. Understandable and clearer and cleaner are all relative values. They depend on who’s trying to understand them. You cannot claim that any accent is objectively ‘best’ or ‘worst’ in terms of ‘understandability’, as the value would change for every person.

  2. This may be more of a regional dialect thing. I’m pretty sure there are many parts of England where English is spoken very clearly. And, on the other hand, there are many parts of the U.S. where the regional dialect is not easy to follow.

    Farly the Seer
  3. best English is spoken by people with no accents..English in Nebraska is the best cuz they have no accents..Spanish had many dialects,,so it depends on where u learned it and where Ur from,,

  4. Just because you may have some trouble understanding dialects or accents does not mean that those speaking them are not using proper language. Unfortunately, many Americans use terrible spelling and grammar. Many cannot understand those from the deep South, or New England or the hills of Appalachia, if they are not from that area. However, those of us who have grown up in an area understand the idioms of that area. This is the reason that you have problems comprehending proper English. Spanish is the same way – there are so many different dialects that it is difficult for people from another area to understand everything another Spanish speaker says. Perhaps each of us should make an effort to enunciate so others are able to understand what we are trying to communicate.

    I am not trying to be critical, but I feel that your English teacher could probably correct your posting. If you speak the way you type, there are others who would have difficulty understanding you, I am sorry to say.

    (I am a teaching assistant in college, so I know what you are saying, even though it needs to be asked more clearly.)


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