Why is it when i ask for a job in the us i am ask if i speak spanish then turned down because i dont?

I have been looking for partime work while I go to school. I have done a study and noticed all the places I went had no whites and at jack in the box, on palm ave,Imperial beach,ca, I was asked If I speak spanish then turned down the job because I do not, what happened hear we help all race just to be spit on?


  1. Simple business decision. If large numbers of your customers speak a particular language, you’re going to want your employees to speak that language as well. Otherwise you alienate your customer base, and thereby lose revenue (and, it’s worth noting, be unable to pay your employees).

    Besides, I’d hardly say that a disproportionate number of hispanic people working at part-time minimum wage jobs evidences systemic racism against caucasians…

  2. I live in Texas and do office work. When I was job looking many employers only wanted Spanish speaking bi-lingual people to apply. That just shows you how many Mexicans are here.

  3. Well a lot of places hire you if you speak a different language. And in case you didn’t know the most populated heritage is Latino/Hispanic. Besides you’re being racist and ignorant if you assume you should get the job first just because you’re white. America forced Mexico into war so they can steal a ton of land like Texas, Mexico, etc. So really they have more right to be there then you and I am saying this as a person from Europe.

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