Why Mexican food is popular in the US but not Spanish food, yet both countries speak Spanish?

I’m always curious about this that is, what makes one country’s cuisine more popular than the others.
Also why Italian cuisine is more popular than spanish one??
Immigration may counts, however, French cuisine is also popular not only in the US but in Japan and several countries. Spanish did conquer the world but not people’s mouth. (Pourquoi?)
That is, there weren’t many French immigrants in the US as compared to Mexican and Italian immigrants. But French cuisine is popular.


  1. I’m sorry but plain and simply SPANIARD food, doesn’t hold a candle stick to Latin American food. Us (latin/latin carribeans) use tastiers spices and herbs. Also we cook our meats a lot differently than Spaniards. Being that Spaniards’ culinary business is dominated by the fishing industry, they naturally have more seafood in many of their dishes compared to Latin americans who use a lot of meat. And our food is simply the best!!!!!!

  2. Well, I think the big reason is there is much more of an influx of immigrants from Mexico than there are from Spain. Sharing a border will usually cause this. The problem is that Spain has never been a huge "provider" of immigrants into the US. In the early 1900’s there was a large immigrant population from Italy which caused their food to spread in popularity. Mexico will always have a huge immigrant population in the US due to being the "neighbor" of the US. If Spain had a large burst of immigrants coming to America, their food might gain popularity.

  3. I do not believe Food in Mexico is like Taco Bell, Mexican food is really TeX-Mex from our border states.
    Food I had in Spain was sea food with a little more spices add than the food I had in New Jersey.
    Chianes food served round the world became popular in 1890 from San Francisco, the place that invented the fortune cookie.

  4. I think it has to do with the proximity of Mexico to the United States. Many of the south western states belonged to Mexico at one time and they still carry on the traditions of their ancestors. This is where "TexMex" food originated and that is what caught on around the country. Also there are many Mexicans that decide to open their own Mexican restaurants and with more Mexican immigrants than immigrants from other countries the proportion is related.

    I believe that the popularity of Italian food also has to do with the number of Italian immigrants that came to the US.

  5. Mexican food usually always using chilli & red bean but not like spain food,they always eat something with sea food and not like spicy to much.Italian food ingridients is the cheapest than other countrys food.

  6. From my experience, French food is more expensive, so it’s not as economical. But I love Cajun French food and the New Orleans restaurants- it’s popular there.

    As for Spanish, I think Spanish rice is popular, but that’s about it. Somewhere in the invasion of Mexico, the Spanish food was taken over by the Indian (Aztec, Maya, etc.) food.

    Italian food is economical also. It has nothing to do with tastebuds, it’s about the wallet.

  7. Well, the thing is, Mexican food is fatty, greasy and delicious. I’m pretty sure Americans like that as they are…ahm…fat. Spanish food is not as "nice" according to Americans.
    Italian cuisine is really different compared to Spanish food.

  8. I guess that it’s because, like Mexico is nearer to the US, some of their culture comes to our country, and Spain is in Europe, so that’s why their food hasn’t become that popular

  9. Spanish food is more than just seafood. There are tons of regional chicken goat and meat dishes that are not necessarily common from one area to the next just like Cajun, it’s American, but I don’t think is something you’ll find in Fargo ND. Most of the posters are right. Mexico is near the US (As a matter of fact, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, used to be Mexico so there is a precedent) so the food has always been more accesible, specially things like Tacos, Quesadillas, Guacamole etc. which are basically poor people,s food, the equivalent of Ham Hocks and Collard Greens. Mexican Cuisine is quite delicious and like Spanish food more complicated to cook, that’s why it’s not readily available in chain restaurants.

    Luis V

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