Why most americans think every non english speaker speak english with a mexican accent?


the inability to pronounce the R’s (the easiest consonant to pronounce) and ae’s. always that same peculiar rythm.

why is it? 50 million of mexicans in a country with 300 million people, that’s why they think that everybody is mexican?
if u can pronounce the r’s and ae’s properly NOBODY will think u are mexican.

but in american movies fe, every non english speaker speaking english speak like the mexicans.


  1. The Spanish /r/ is made with the tip of the tongue in the front of the mouth. The French /r/ is made with the middle of the tongue against the soft palate. The English /r/ is an uvular lingual retroflex. And the Hebrew and Arabic /r/ is guttural. Four completely different sounds for the same letter.

    Your example is meant to be Arabic. Arabs can pronounce \th\ while Spanish cannot. MadTV was saying "death to America" while the typical Mexican accent would sound more like "debt to Amedica". Does that mean Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Bush family are Mexicans?

  2. Um, I don’t. Koreans don’t speak english with a mexican accent. I don’t even know what a mexican accent is, as far as differentiating it from a Honduran accent or a Guatemalan accent, for example.

  3. …That seems a simewhr odd thing to believe. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who thought that, and I’ve lived in America my entire life.

    And I have to say, I really don’t think R is the easiest consonant to pronounce. There are many languages, not just Spanish, which don’t have R the same way English does.


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