WHy should I have to speak spanish to work in the welfare department?

I lived in France and you had to take the driving test in french and fill out all government forms in french. If you couldn’t read or speak french, too bad.


  1. Because all the border jumpers that come here to have their anchor babies don’t have the decency to learn how to speak even minimal English.

    See… and that is how we roll in this country. We are so kind that even though you break our immigration laws, spit out 5-6 kids that the taxpayers pay for, we even have people that speak their native language so that we can support their kids that they keep spitting out that they can’t afford.

    And people say we are a mean country.


    I'm going to eat you. Grrrrr
  2. because the USA is always pandering to the *OTHER* guy~~this stinks
    but if they say you have to ? yeP~~it is not fair as I hate having to Push One
    for English in my own country

    Buck Eye
  3. because obama have no respect for american culture and american traditions.

    you don’t need to study spanish, those fence crossers need to learn english. after all they are in the usa not mexico.

    black leopard
  4. You shouldn’t have to. The people who come to you should be able to converse with you in English. If they can’t do that then they need to be accompanied by someone who can. How many of our tax dollars are being spent for interpreters and translators? What a revolting development we find ourselves in.

  5. You can thank the liberals for that. They never wanted to give this nation a complete identity. that is why english is not considered the Us language because there is no law that enforces that. They all want to cater to other groups because they all feel guilty about whatever oppression their ancestors did back in the day. their stupid guilt trip is imposing a vague image of what America is or should be. lets please everybody and make sure the white man gets a bunch of laws that prevents him to do anything … even defend himself.


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