Why should we have to learn to speak spanish to survive in the United States of America?

Why should we have to learn to speak spanish to survive in the United States of America when our national language is ENGLISH?


  1. If you hate speaking spanish all the time move out of the barrio and into a neighborhood where everyone speaks english–i.e. most of the US.

    zuzz: We texans declared independence. And good thing too, because my home would be owned by a drug lord, and I would live in fear of being raped all the time. God bless mexico? why don’t you go back there. Oh it’s better here?
    Then sing god bless America and start waving her flag!

    zuzz: Good for you. We are constantly slapped in the face by the worse mexico has to offer–you may be happy there, but would you take a road trip from the south to the north border? would you? There is much about your country that needs to change. If you are happy with it, that is your perrogative though. maybe that is why mexico is so effed up??

  2. Because, according to statistics, in 2050 Mexicans will be the major population in the US. And we Mexicans speak Spanish!

    I think is the karma. 200 years ago California, Texas, New Mexico and other currently US states were Mexican territory. Now, it’s time to get it back!

    Critters: "why don’t you go back there" I’m Mexican and i live in Mexico. I’m so proud of that and I’m live very happy. I recommend you don’t believe everything you watch on TV.

  3. i know, right? a wetback can get a job and you can’t, just because he’s ”bilingual”. You were born here(didn’t swim here), grew up here, educated here and pay taxes and will probably lose a job to an illegal because you can’t speak spanish. where is the justice?

    she pinch OOOs behind
  4. In any other place in the world, is an advantage to speak spanish and to speak english. Not only in the USA. So you better start to learn spanish, just like other people on the world learns english as well.

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