Why so many Spanish men marry Latin American women, whereas so few Spanish women marry Latin American men?

I hear and see a lot of stories of marriage between Spanish men and women from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico,etc,etc
But why aren’t there as much Spanish men/Latinamerican men marriages?

Why this difference?

And why Spanish men prefer Latin American women?
Is there a shortage of attractive women in Spain?


  1. Because Latin American women are much easier than European women, you don’t have to do much to please them as opposed to European women who you have to do everything to just to please them.

    Aticus Ski.
  2. Well I’m a mexican guy, I live in california and have never met a spanish women in my life, but the I think spanish marry our women because they are beutiful (of course not all) and I meet a lot of white women I’ve dated and I find them beutiful also. Whoever wrote short brown and fat is an idiot. Yes there is short brown and fat, but also tall brown goodlookin people and just we got evrything even white green/blue eyes.

  3. Brown short and fat thats funny I don’t think that’s why white girls love me maybe u should meet me and my brother tall dark I’m tall and yellow and I think it depends ofcourse spanish colonies are more taller and unlike where the short fat people are mainly more native people.


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