Why the Presidential Candidates need to Speak Spanish in America ?

Answer= Because America is not England. Spanish Language is the second most spoken in America. ( USA ).

I will vote for that candidate who speak better Spanish, for the most fluent Spanish Speaking American Presidential candidate .
Mexican-American & Democrat, A -Plus.


  1. Candidates wanted to get the Mexican-American votes. Thus, they try to speak in Spanish.

    VOTE for your choice as US President on my 360 degrees blog and know if the Spanish speaking candidates will likely win.

  2. They don’t and it is an insult to America that they do
    assimilation is English speaking only
    It is political correctness gone amok
    It is and will destroy the USA

  3. Candidates for any office in America, better speak English, since that is the National Language! Like it or not, English is still the language of Business around the world. America’s President is going to have to converse in English everywhere he, or she goes for a long time. Anyone who wants to live here, is going to have to learn English sooner or later dude!

    Paully S
  4. Well thats an intelligent answer.

    They know Spanish, but screw the economy! Maybe they can get advice from the Mexican government on how to better influence the economy. They seem to be doing well.

    Find a better plan. Si Si.

  5. Maybe it has to do something with the fact that the first settlement of Europeans that ever established themselves in what is within today’s United States boundaries, was composed of SPANISH SPEAKING CONQUISTADORS/EXPLORERS COMING FROM PUERTO RICO … YES, YEP, PUERTO RICO, SPANISH SPEAKING PUERTO RICANS & SPANIARDS.


    AFTER ALL, THE european part of U.S. history WAS FOUNDED by our neighbors to the SOUTH, and, after all, our SPANISH-SPEAKING neighbors to the south in …..


    Yep, PUERTO RICO… a Spanish speaking foundation for today’s europan settled United States.

    Ana K
  6. "I will vote for that candidate who speak better Spanish, for the most fluent Spanish Speaking American Presidential candidate ."

    And you, sir, are a complete and utter FOOL. Congrats!

  7. hate to tell you, you may not vote if your waiting for a very fluent spanish speaking president. however, i hear hugo chavez speaks great spanish and so does president fox

    trying to make it
  8. Richardson is probably the only who can speak in Spanish.

    English is not the USA’s official language.
    German almost was.
    Spanish is a recognized language under the US-Mexico Treaty, as such as the use of it can not be denied and govt docs have to also be printed in Spanish.
    This is also true in California where its state constitution was wrote in English & Spanish.

    English is rapidly loosing ground through out the world with Spanish becoming a more commonly used language. English is losing ground also as the Lingua Franca and will eventually die at as the " business lang" as one called it, just as Latin died out as the main lang. for much areas of importance, i.e. religion, medicine, & law.

  9. Well right now we don’t even have a president who speaks proper english. At this point I’m willing to vote for someone who speaks at least one language fluently.


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