Will I be able to speak Spanish fluently after four years of high school?

I’m planning on taking Spanish all through high school. I want to be able to speak it fluently. Will I need to do more than take it in high school? I’d also like to know how different the Spanish language from Spain is from the Spanish language in Latin America, such as Mexico. Is there a big difference? Will that be a problem?


  1. there is no way you can be fluent in a language just by taking hs classes. I would suggest reading spanish books, watching spanish tv, listening to spanish music and translating the lyrics. Talking to anyone who speaks spanish. You need to be practicing all the time. Rosetta Stone really helps but it’s expensive. There is not a HUGE difference but there are many differences in all of the spanish dialects. I have friends who are Mexican and if someone from Spain speaks to them they have a difficult time understanding everything. There are also many differences in Latin America and South America.

    regina reina
  2. If it is at all possible, go to a Spanish-speaking country and just LIVE there, surrounding yourself with the language. The more you force yourself into situations where if you don’t know the language, you’re in trouble, the faster you’ll learn! (maybe as a foreign-exchange student?)
    Besides that, of course; Spanish radio(the internet is truly wonderful for this), Spanish music, etc..

  3. like the other 2 guys said you need to practice alot with spanish speaking ppl.
    there is a big difference on spanish form different countries example
    mexicans speak a spanish that in english would be considered (redneckish) and in south america Peru for example the spanish (castellano) is used more correctly and better pronounced. spain even spanish comes from spain the pronunciation is so messed up lol the
    (S,C,Z) all are made sound as Z although the spanish academy in spain says that is wrong spainians can pronounce X correctly lol
    they make it sound like a J example
    Mexico is spelled with an X and it should be read like it but since spanish conquerors couldnt they said Mejico and that is how Mexicans pronounced Mejico, another example is the city in peru called Xauxa now called Jauja because the damn conquerors coulnt pronounce it right.

    Tomas M

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