Will Spanish people understand me in Majorca if I speak to them in Latin American Spanish? Will I sound silly?

I’ve spent several weeks learning Spanish with Pimsleur because I feel that it’s the best Spanish learning software on the market. However, I’m beginning to think I may have wasted my time because it’s geared around Latin American Spanish rather than Castilian.
I’m not paranoid, I just don’t want to sound like a fool.


  1. I like to explain that the different dialects of Spanish are somewhat like the difference between British English, American English, Austrailian English, etc.

    There are different slang/colloquial words and the accents differ, however the basic language is the same and usually understood throughout. Spaniards will have no more difficulty understanding a Panamanian than an American has understanding an Austrailian.

    There will be differences in pronunciation, but you will not sound like a fool! I would suggest if you are learning Spanish to speak mostly with Spaniards, maybe you should learn from a Spaniard source. Otherwise, you will be just fine with a Latin American version.

    Good luck and have fun in your travels!

  2. You won’t sound as a fool as long as you don’t say things like c h in g a da or any insults you’ve learnt, because here they sound pretty stupid. And remember to say dinero instead of plata.

  3. Latin American Spanish is based on Castilian Spanish. There are just a few words that are different, as well as the way you pronounce certain things (particularly soft c and soft z). If you go to Spain speaking the Latin American dialect, they will understand you (with the rare exception of a few words) and they will just take you as a foreigner.

    I’m not sure if you look foreign at all, but by your speaking (your accent, in particular), they will most likely be able to tell that you are a foreigner, even if you study Castellano (Castilian). Don’t worry about that so much as being understood. You will be understood if you learn Latin American Spanish…


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