Would a person in Spain understand my broken Latin American Spanish?

I am traveling to the Andalucia region of Spain this summer. I speak a decent amount of Latin American Spanish but I was wondering how many people in that region would actually understand it.


  1. Hi! I am writting you from Madrid.(Alcal√° de Henares)

    Everyone are going to understand you without a problem even with an strong Latin American accent or words but probably it will be a little bit complicated to understand the Andaluzian accent for you. Have a nice trip.

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  2. It is like an American going to Australia, or England. It will sound a little different to them, and they will know you are a foreigner, but they will still understand you.

  3. Formal Latin American and European Spanish are identical, as far as I know, and conversational Spanish is VERY close. People would notice that you have an accent and possible use different terms for a couple of words, but other than that I think you’re fine.

  4. Definately everyone will understand you. For you it may be a little harder to understand them at first, but it’s the same for latinamericans in some parts of Spain anyways.


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