y do most ppl just assume that if u speak spanish u are mexican???

and havent u noticed were the ones that make your houses and your fast food!!!
and ‘best answer’ i do okay get off my back!!!


  1. I feel your pain.

    It’s usually ignorant non-Latinos that can’t tell the difference between different dialects of Spanish.

    Kind of like how a non-English speaker wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an American and a British person.

    Yo Ethiopian! At least we GOT TACOS to eat.

  2. I kind of sort of know what you mean. Just because my name is Juan people think I speak Spanish. My Spanish is horrible. So what if I’m of latino descent, I’m American first and foremost.

    for da ben dan juan
  3. I dont. I have alot of Latin friends ad they all have different Spanish accents. I have a bit of spanish in me from way back and am Mexican but I look white an get confused for a white person.people get suprised when they hear me speak spanish.

  4. ignorance and as the other person said uneducated people..similar to african americans being misaken for African’s NOT same same… or Samoan’s for Hawaiian’s..all it is basically is the word ASSUME..hence the old saying..when you ASSUME..you make an @SS of U and ME..


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